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Stylish Blogger Award


Hello Stampers,

Thanks to Eleonor McGarry for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger Award - so sweet of her!

Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself which will be difficult because I like to be prompted with "favorite food", "favourite TV show" to make it easier for myself. LOL


Here goes (in NO particular order):

1.  I'm very proud of my Scottish Heritage - both my parents and my two sisters were born in Greenock, Scotland before immigrating to Canada.  I was the first Canuck in our family.  But I still tear up at the sound of bagpipes.

2.  I used to be a huge Baseball fan but now watch mostly soccer (thanks to Ian) and Hockey (thanks to Daniel and Henrick).  Really love watching my son play soccer - since he plays on 3 or 4 teams at a time that keeps me busy.

3.  I'm very proud of my kids - they both turned out to be wonderful human beings and good people which makes me happy.  I'll keep my man too - he's a good egg.

4. I've never had coffee in my life - yes you read that right - NEVER.  I don't like the taste of mocha in cakes either.  Saved myself one addiction.

5. I love too many television programs - Grey's Anatomy (although it hasn't been as good this year); GLEE (yes I'm a total Gleek); Amazing Race (Ian and I think we'd be good at this game except we are both afraid of heights so we'd never get past that challenge); Good Wife; Parenthood; American Idol (this year is the best in a long time!)

6. I'm afraid of heights - as mentioned in my earlier post.  I have a hard time being in a building taller than 5 floors - can't walk to the window and could never go out on the balcony.  I have to stand in the middle of the gondola if we are going up the mountain and I was never keen on the chair lifts - held tightly to the center post.

7. I'm not afraid of flying per se but I'm not a "good" traveller and it causes me a bit of angst whenever I have to fly anywhere.

So now the hard part....nominating JUST 7 other bloggers for the award - I'm currently in a challenge with my own team of demonstrators (the challenge is to post a minimum of 3 posts per week until March 31st) so I'm going to nominate those that are most on track with the challenge!

Again...NO particular order.

Elaine Paget -http://gglitter.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Barb Baker - http://tgistampday.com/

Colleen Vassos -http://stampingwithcolleen.typepad.com/stamping-with-colleen/

Melissa Parkes - http://stampsbymelissa.blogspot.com/

Judy Marshall - http://judyscraftroom.blogspot.com/

Lana McCarney - http://www.sweetpeadesigns.ca/

Dayanna Donng - http://www.impressionsbyday.com/

Laurie Thompson - http://www3.telus.net/public/loll/home/  *Laurie is an amazing stamper and just started her website so even though I'm OVER my 7 I had to include her in this award because her projects are AMAZING!

Great Job on the challenge everyone - keep it up!!

Happy Stamping,



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