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World Cup Fever....it's HERE (Not Stamping Related)

Fifa-south-africa-2010-world-cup Hello Soccer Fans wherever you are...

I know that Hockey is OUR game (and while I think the Stanley Cup is a difficult trophy to win in the world of sports...it's NOT the hardest to win - that would be the World Cup of Soccer tournament) but in our house it's soccer, soccer and more soccer.  So now with the World Cup opening this week it's reaching a fever pitch (no pun intended!).

I found this funny video (it's actually the reporter's comments that are the funniest part of the piece) - you have to wait through the "Shin Kicking Competition" (which has a soccer link too I guess) until you get to the video about Korean Red Devil penguin squad.  Click here for video.  I do see a lot of "hand balls" though - they need to work on follow through to the net too. 

As for my "soccer boy" - he's come a long way from his "penguin" days...

 Scan22-6 First day of soccer - hey Sue recognize his coach?




 Looks confident....



Plays with the big boys now.

So who are we "liking" for the World Cup in our house?  My favourite player is Michael Ballack (Chelsea, formerly Bayern Munich) who got injured a few weeks ago and is "out" as captain for Germany.  But Ian & I will still go with Germany.  But I think it's "Spain's" year, or maybe Argentina or maybe ...it'll be a fun month of television!

If you are interested in soccer and the World Cup click here for a fabulous interactive calendar of all the matches.

Go USA against England on Saturday (hope my cousin doesn't read my blog!)

Game ON!


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