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Hello Stampers & Food Lovers Everywhere!

Dec 2009 008  On my trip home from Europe last month I finally got to see the movie Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep.  Then when I got home I rented it again because it's THAT good. Meryl Streep is brilliant in this film.  You forgot she wasn't Mrs Child!

My dh and I drooled over all the food in the film and it inspired me to try making lobster tails at home. I've boiled lobster and crab for years at home but never tried to butterfly and broil a tail - here the final result (I butterflied the lobster myself).  Very very yummy and very very easy - and all for $12 for an 8 oz tail.

Now I have more things to add to my list of food I can make better at home than I can get in a restaurant - thanks Julia!  THe list is small (LOL) but it's all the expensive stuff like lobster, crab, tenderloin steaks, prime rib, cheesecake, pasta and more. 

Happy Feasting!


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