A Few of my Favourites
Heartfelt Thanks

The Best!

Hello Stampers,

My customers are truly very special to me.  Some call me their "dealer" and feel we all need a 12 step program - I like the term coined by another customer "seductress of stamps".   One of their husbands calls our projects "card crack".   Many of them have been with me for years and have rejoiced in my business successes including earning seven cruises (yikes!) and lately reaching a career sales milestone of $300,000! (how did that happen?).  I've come to realize that these folks are really friends first.

I know everyone feels they have the best kids, best husband, best friends, best dog (okay I really do have the BEST dog) and so on....It's a good feeling to know you are surrounded by good people!

Now I KNOW all Stampin' Up! demonstrators love their customers and feel they are the best but truly mine are the BEST of the BEST (LOL) and I'm so thankful for them all.  Some drop me nice emails, drop off cards when they pick up their orders, find me customers, bring me prezzies for no reason at all.

Toadlily The other day one of my customers, Donna,   emailed to say she was coming by to pick up her order and I said that I should be in the garden working.  When she came she brought me a lovely perennial - a toad lily - for my garden.  Just because....isn't that the BEST.  That reminded me of my other customer, Isabel, who brought me a note and a Starbucks card - just because.  Then I remembered my customers (Janice, Jill, Norma, so many others!) who've dropped off a card with their order- just because.  Then Helen kindly bought me a duplicate of her adorable Trader Joe's bag when she made a trip to the US just because I had so admired her bag when she was here!  Or Sonya who brings candy to share with everyone on stamp night....I think this is extraordinary of them - how kind and thoughtful they are...just the little emails to say hi are really lovely too!  Or when they come to class or club they ask how Ian did at soccer or how Carly's graduation was...this means a lot to me because I literally don't get out much.  When you are a business owner and work from your home the only people you intereact with during the day are your customers.  They are like my co-workers and I'm so grateful to share a friendship with them all.

So thanks to all of my customers - you have done so many nice things for me I can't mention them all but these gestures are appreciated very much!

And don't listen to all those other SU! demos - YOU are the best. LOL

Happy Stampin' 


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