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Everything You Need to know You Learned in Kindergarten....??

Hello Stampers,

This might possibly be true - frightening but true.  My son needed his resume updated for summer employment and asked me to type it for him.  I found the information I needed in his Grade 12 Graduation Portfolio - something you must complete before leaving school.

I see that based on his completition of a survey which is supposed to identify your strengths and interests he is most suited for the following jobs:

Guide Dog Trainer - he does like dogs
Deminer - didn't know what this was so had to look it up .... are you ready?  It's someone who removes land or naval mines - sounds like fun!
Bike Mechanic - is there a market for this? at least you won't get blown up
Smokejumper - had to look this up too - it's a wildland firefighter that parachutes into a remote area to combat wildfires - hmmm doesn't sound dangerous at all!
Courier/Messenger - wouldn't want to aim too high!
Professional Athlete - this sounds easy!
and my personal favourite......Aggressive Inline Skater!  I'm not kidding - this is apparently a career and in the top 20 chosen specifically for him! Is there such a career as a Passive Inline Skater?

Luckily he has decided to buck the "system" and enroll in a Phys Ed (or Criminology) program at College - perhaps he could be a bike riding parole officer?  Or  a Police Dog trainer? Or a Politician - we always told him he'd be a good lawyer - likes to win an argument (gee I wonder where he could possibly have gotten this trait from! Hmmm)

Just my laugh for the day (not laughing at Ian just this crazy survey - is this supposed to motivate kids these days?)

Happy Stamping,


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