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The Graduate!

Hello Artists,

Our daughter, Carly, has always had a love for drawing. I can't remember a time when she didn't carry around a sketch pad and pencil wherever she went.

Her passion for drawing led her to the field of video game design and today she completed all the requirements for her Diploma in Video Game Art and Foundation Design. We are so proud of her accomplishments.

In the final semester of her course she had to develop two environments (those are  the scenes in a video game) and produce a video reel. This is basically her resume to the industry. She drew the rooms and all the objects in the room, modelled them on a computer, textured them (a plain box becomes a detailed textured and coloured crate), light it (shadow all the items just like in the real world) and finally film it. She did an awesome job! I frankly don't profess to even understand it - but it looks so cool! This all took about 11 weeks of late nights, early mornings and hours and hours working away in her room. We are so proud of the results!

This is her demo reel - YouTube compressed it so the images may appear blurry and somewhat dark - the real reel (LOL) is perfect!

Here's the YouTube version.

This is the stills of her environments:






Thanks for looking!

Alison (one proud momma!)

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