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Hang Loose in Hawaii

Aloha from Hawai'i


We arrived on the Big Island of Hawai'i on Friday after a very long day - over 15 hours to get here from Vancouver.  Ian broke his collarbone on Monday snowboarding so it was quite the adventure getting him through security (they had to xray his splint) and getting him here as comfortably as possible.  I pulled my lower back out on Thursday night so the long flights just made it worse.  I went for a massage on Saturday and it's feeling much better today!


The airport in Kona is small and like going back in time.  They still wheel out the stairs to the plane to disembark.  Reminds me of when we used to go to Scotland in the 60's!

As soon as you get off the plane you can smell the beautiful flowers - only Hawaii smells like this and it's what I remember most about the Islands from my previous visits.


Our room is so beautiful - here is the view from our balcony - isn't it fabulous?


We had a fabulous buffet breakfast which included all this fabulous fruit - pineapple and papaya just tastes so wonderful in Hawai'i.



Here's where we ate our breakfast...complete with Koi swimming by our table!

Tomorrow is the first full day of SU! activities - I'll post more later.



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