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Memories of Christmas 2008

Hello Stampers,

100_8186 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends.  We had a nice quiet day mostly due the overwhelming amount of snow that has fallen on Vancouver in the past 3 days.  My backyard has at least 60 cm of snow piled up and it's still falling here.  We haven't had snow like this for as long as they've kept records.

I really truly am happy to give presents and get a lot of joy out of giving - more so than receiving.  BUT this yearI got the best Christmas present  - total surprise and so cool.  My husband is a techno-genious when it comes to computers and other techy type tools.  He bought me the most darling little notebook (called a Wind) made by a company called MSi.  It weighs 2.5 lbs and is smaller than the Apple Air.  He jazzed it up(my son's assessment) with over 3 GB of disk space and more RAM - the best part - it runs TWO operating systems - Apple and Windows!  I can start in either and use either ones programs and it can link to my IPhone too!  I will use it as a docking station at home (with a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and external monitor) but when I go out I can just take it with me!  He got it for me over 3 weeks ago and secretely loaded all my programs on it (and files) so when I opened it yesterday it was ready to go.  Love him - love it!


Here's Cooper in all his Christmas finery.  Do you have a reservation?


Wiijump Each Christmas Eve we open a gift for the family which is usually a game of some kind.  This year "Santa" brought a new interactive game for our Wii - it's the Outdoor Challenge.  You have a mat that you jump, skip, hop and stomp on depending on the game - kyacking down the river, stomping on moles, sprinting, hurdling and more.

Here's Carly & Ian in mid-flight.

100_8202-2  100_8205  Decorationsanta


I love opening up my decoration box each year and finding my favourite ones (just like in the spring when my garden starts to wake up and old favourites start to sprout).  I think there is a comfort in things familiar to us - things we can count on in a way.

My tree always has a heritage feel to it - I have my santa decoration collection (see above) and use wooden garland and only white lights.  My decorations are traditional and look old.


Stockings waiting for Santa's arrival...


I made "personalized" crackers this year and filled them with little goodies that reflect the person receiving it.  I even found some Christmas jokes online and my friend Debbi gave me the hats.  This was a fun project!


The table was set.


THE pooped puppy (I mean waiter!)

Happy Holidays,


PS - tomorrow brings more Christmas card samples!

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