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I've been tagged....

Hello Stampers,

I've been tagged by Lee which I'm thrilled about because that led me to visit her blog which is awesome!

Here's the tag rules:


So now I'm supposed to write 7 Random things about myself so here goes:

1.  I used to be a baseball fanatic but now I'm a soccer fanatic - can't get enough of soccer - my son plays on two teams (one adult indoor and one U18 outdoor) so I love watching him but now we watch the English Premier league and of course, just finished, the Euro cup.  Did you know they run the equivalent of 1/2 a marathon a game - about 11 km!  I think soccer players are the fittest athletes of all professional sports.

2.  I multi-task too much - I should be more like a "man" - they don't multi-task and I actually think that's a good thing - yesterday I was cleaning behind my washer & dryer (pulled them all out) plus putting stuff in the dryer then I had a shower and washed the inside of the shower at the same time - see - too much multitasking!

3. I hate cheese.  I love chocolate - who doesn't?

4. My favourite TV shows are House, Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy, ER - I'm also intrigued by Big Love and Swingtown although I must confess the attraction for Swingtown isn't the plot (which is kinda silly) but the clothes, songs and atmosphere of 1975 - a time that I can relate to...

5. Last movie I saw in a theatre was Sex and the City - next up Mamma Mia!

6. I love to garden - but my body doesn't like it anymore. 

7. My husband turned 50 yesterday, I'm turning 50 in 17 days and then our 25th wedding anniversary is this September so my dh is taking me to one place I've always wanted to visit - New York City!  Can't wait.

That's pretty random isn't it?

So now I have to tag 7 people - here are some of my talented friends - Sue, Liane, Pam, Elaine, Debbie, Bev & Dayanna.

Happy Stamping!


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